The community help forums and Microsoft help pages provide help when you have a problem with

Outlook Support number– (+1 845 652 5934) 888-919-1568 support comes in the form of forum help, not phone calls

Get Help With Outlook

When you want information on how to use or need assistance with a technical issue, use these Microsoft resources:

Visit the forum. does not provide access to support professionals. Instead, provides a public forum where Microsoft employees and experienced users offer help. Browse the forum to see if your question has been answered. If not, enter your question and wait for a response.

Check the Service Status.Go to Microsoft’s service health web page to see if is experiencing any problems at the current time. Problems cannot be reported here, but you can read about any ongoing issues. If isn’t experiencing an outage or any problems, an “Everything is up and running” message displays.

Find out if the website is down. There are several web services that will tell you if a website is working or not. Among these services are Down for Everyone or Just Me? and Is It Up? To use these services to find out if a website is up or down, just enter the website address, such as

Browse the Troubleshooting section of There’s a troubleshooting section on the Get Help With web page. Check it to see if your problem has been addressed. Select any topic to open another web page that contains answers and solutions to problems (along with fixes or workarounds).